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I don't blog that much. I have always had these great ambitions to. I read Steven King's "On Writing" where he states that if you want to write you have to write. Daily. Without fail. This works about as well as my daily exercise routine or my daily meditation time. Boy do I ever have great intentions.

Drupal core development is scary. It seems like such a daunting area, filled with mystics and magicians. How can I contribute to something as large and complex as Drupal?

Using Drupal just makes sense.

What is Drupal?

"Drupal is an open source content management platform powering millions of websites and applications. It's built, used, and supported by an active community of people around the world. Use Drupal to build everthing from personal blogs to enterprise applications. Thousands of add-on modules and designs let you build any site you can imagine."

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