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Search Engine Optimization

Mobile Development, SEO, Web Development

NextTrip.com is the online destination for everything travel. The site combines video, destination information search capability, online booking, relevant social networking and user-generated content. The focus is on the aesthetic display of unique managed tours.

Mobile Development, SEO, Web Development

RealBiz Media Group, Inc. (RBIZ) is a real estate digital media and technology company whose proprietary video processing technology makes it one of the leaders in providing home video tours to the real estate industry.

Digital Strategy, E-Commerce, Mobile Development, Project Management, SEO, Web Development

This high-profile project is still in development. We are involved at the digital strategy level, project management level and development. This B2B portal provides real estate agents with a central place to manage internet marketing tools for their house listings.

Digital Strategy, Mobile Development, Project Management, SEO, Web Development

This consumer real estate video portal was created as a companion portal for one of the largest real estate developers in the United States. Using the "Pinterest" layout allows up to 3 million videos to be browsed and saved in an easy to use way.

Mobile Development, SEO, Web Development

More than 60 years ago Maupintour began perfecting the art of the escorted vacation with a simple idea... include nearly everything. Value has made Maupintour one of the world's most respected and leading tour operators.

E-Commerce, Mobile Development, SEO, Web Development

Drupal 6 training website for a Microsoft consulting company. The website was launched in early 2011, with a mobile version added in 2012.


Qixas is a training and consulting company that works primarily with Microsoft Dynamics, CRM and SQL Server products. Their initial focus was to provide an overview of their services and manage the schedule of training classes that is the primary focus of their business. E-commerce was done with a simple Paypal integration.

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