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I don't blog that much. I have always had these great ambitions to. I read Steven King's "On Writing" where he states that if you want to write you have to write. Daily. Without fail. This works about as well as my daily exercise routine or my daily meditation time. Boy do I ever have great intentions.

Drupal core development is scary. It seems like such a daunting area, filled with mystics and magicians. How can I contribute to something as large and complex as Drupal?

Responsive Web Design Using Drupal

It's 2012 and the world as we know it has gone mobile. Some have said this a while ago, but there is no denying it now. You just have to look at the multitudes of people walking down the street with their heads burried in a phone. Or look around you on a commuter train and see over half of the sheep with their heads buried in a tablet. We can't even predict where things are going.