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Taking the scariness out of contributing to Drupal

Taking the scariness out of contributing to Drupal

Drupal core development is scary. It seems like such a daunting area, filled with mystics and magicians. How can I contribute to something as large and complex as Drupal?

Listening to one of my many podcasts, the Drupalize.me podcast, I was introduced to a new initiative that really highlights what is so amazing about the Drupal development community. The Drupal Ladder project is an open and free site that encourages developers to start contributing to Drupal. The "ladder" component is a step-by-step progression to follow that helps break down the scariness and build the required skill sets to contribute effectively. Their mandate is to get 1% of the development community to contribute by 2014. The participation effort right now is around 0.1%.

Another amazing initiative is the core office hours, where experienced contributors will mentor those new to contributing and help them find something to work on. These two initiatives have definitely encouraged me to put more effort towards contributing back to a community that has certainly helped me. I will chronicle my efforts in this blog in the months ahead.